Fresh tracks in Saalbach – short video sequence

What do you get when you combine a new external hard drive, a new freeware video editing program and a few hours on the mountain? A short edit of my day out in Saalbach! It was the second day borrowing my friend’s homemade “selfie-stick” to finally have some other angle than POV from the helmet.
The fantastic start to this winter season (finally!) has also had several chances to film some runs in various conditions. Putting all of it together is a bigger project than just the 3 days of 5-8 hours to edit this little 4 min video so it will still take a good amount of time before that is ready. The runs here at Saalbach were not anything challenging or long or fancy, but it was still a decent session and practice with changing conditions.
As far as the background of this edit: think hurricane storm winds higher up the mountain, fog mixed with snowfall and rain on and off and quickly rising temperatures turning the 40cm of fresh snow I scrapped off my car to get to the mountain, into a bit of a sticky fresh cement. But the season is still early and I am confident that more powder is to be had! In the meantime, sit back, turn the music up and enjoy my rides!!


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