H2O < 0° = F(u)N 2

After a broken back scare and early flight home from Indonesia at the beginning of October, I’m very happy to be back on a snowboard again with “only” a severe back contusion. I do have to take it easy still, I can barely bend forward still but physio seems to be helping a bit with that. Actually boarding doesn’t even hurt… its more putting the boots and bindings on that provide a challenge. It still feels great to get some exercise again finally!
As I learned 2 years ago… spending the summer surfing really messes with my stance on a snowboard. I spent the first day adjusting my bindings around to avoid fighting the board. Its funny how awkward it can feel the first bit of time, considering how natural it will already feel at the end of the winter! Although we were stuck riding trails the first week, the clouds and weather made for some inspiring and beautiful views. Now we have had some fresh snow arrive making it possible to take a few off-piste runs; get a taste of the good stuff again! Visibility was challenging but the snow was soft and deep… what a pleasure! It was nice to be riding with some buddies yesterday… kept the motivation and stoke high! I have a long road ahead until I’m back to fit, but if we keep getting powder, it will feel like a highway! Let it snow!
A big thanks to my sponsors:
REHALL Outerwear for the Blaze Overalls: zero snow down my back despite numerous rolls in the snow!
JULBO for the Aerospace Goggles with zebra light lenses: best possible visibility in those conditions!


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