Jump for joy at Weißsee

After a very disappointing winter season with rare snowfall accompanied by hurricane winds every time, I have pretty mixed emotions about what is only my second, but will be my final competition this year. On the one hand, I am excited to finally have the thrill of a run again, but on the other, it kind of marks the end of a season I am still hoping will begin. I was motivated to work on drops this year but only had the first real chance on Tuesday with my buddy Philip. Whether or not I will carry the newly found courage into a competition setting will likely be determined a nanosecond before I reach my intended moment of truth 😉

It was an unexpectedly good weather day for us on one of my favorite mountains, Weißseegletscher. The high temperatures and powerful sunshine provided us with some soggy yet soft snow conditions… just what the doctor ordered to overcome mental blocks against jumping rocks. I like to say that slushy conditions can feel like powder with a little imagination.

Looking forward to this weekend: I will pick up an Italian friend, Stefan, on the way to Switzerland early in the morning so we can hopefully take our first look at the competition face and start thinking of a line. Our riders meeting is in the evening where we will find out which face we will compete on and which starting numbers we have as well as the standard info concerning the event, judging, safety and so on. Hopefully I will have some good pictures of the race to share but in the meantime, here are our few pictures we managed to take on Tuesday.
(unfortunately we both messed up with the timing of the foto for the first drops… so here you will see beautiful pictures of our approach 😉 )


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