2 runs on 20 centi: pretty good for this season!

Heres the quick edit of the 2 runs. Thanks to Rehall Outerwear for the great Blaze one-piece suit and accessories and Julbo Eyewear for amazing visibility with the Aerospace Goggles and Light Red Zebra Lenses!

So this year’s snowfall, here in Pinzgau, has been about as depressing as watching current US politics. But finally Mother Nature has blessed us with a little bit of that white gold!

I started the day off over in Saalbach, thinking that the severe winds last night would have ruined anything too exposed and believing the data report online about accumulation. I wanted to try some short tree runs to warm up. Unfortunately, the snow turned out to be 5 centimeters on top of a bombshell of a base. It must have rained most of the night and just turned to snow at the very end of the storm. I decided to chuck it and drive to the local glacier Kitzsteinhorn, which would be high enough to have not suffered the rain. The trails were overfilled with people slowly crossing back and forth down the trail which was already sheer eis with mogels here and there made by the scrapped up 5cm. That didn’t look like fun at all so I chose to ride down the fields off to the left of the trail. It ended up more like a run 50% on grass and 50% on snow in the end… luckily I only hit 5 or 6 small rocky bits so the damage to the base of my board was worth avoiding the horrors of the trail.

I made it up to Kitz by around 11 and had a fantastic fast run down my favorite gully. I was amazed to see only 3 tracks down it’s face and enjoyed every second of that run. Taking the chair back up for another go, I met Simon and we decided to ride together the rest of the day. We took several runs down the gully before taking the gondola to the summit station, hoping to find a fresh longer line. The first steep section below the trolley was untouched so we went to have a look. Unfortunately the wind had created a pretty thick crust on the top of the loose new snow below. There was likely a fair amount of snowdrift behind the crusty start, a convex curved slope, adding to the risk of triggering a slide. Rather than taking the risk for essentially 3 or 4 turns, we chose a different line down and headed back to the infamous gully for 2 last runs of the day. Simon graciously filmed the first and last run we took together that day for me to share with you! Considering this was just the 3rd time we had a snowfall of at least 20cm since November (today is March 1st!), it turned out to be one of the best days this year!


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