Wild Wild West Adventure: part 5 – The Next Day

April 6 17:00pm – The last 24 hours have been pretty legendary. After the hot tub, we headed to the riders party at Scissorbills bar. I we went around 10pm and
the party was just getting off the ground. It was almost half full, mainly riders enjoying themselves. We got a few beers, the bar slowly filled and the party picked up. People were dancing to the DJ while others were chatting. I met a guy waiting on drinks at the bar who later introduced me to his friend, David. The guys offered to show me around the mountain the next day. The party went on pretty hard until some wee hour of the morning when the bar closed and everyone poured out onto the street where it continued a while. I had only had a few mixed drinks that night, I felt like I was at a frat party they were so strong! I got a bit tipsy and ended up having the most riveting conversations until even wee-er hours of the morning. We made plans to all go shredding the day after tomorrow together and said our good nights. I only had 2 hours of sleep in the end which made today a bit more difficult although I had such a blast! I grabbed some breakfast, or more accurately brunch, before getting geared up to meet Dave and Blair. We went to the summit tram. The weather was very cloudy with heavy snowfall on and off (the small beady kind of snow). The light was essentially a totally flat white out with moments of clarity, however fleeting. We go to the top of the tram and the wind was just pumping like mad. It pelted the snow hard, pushing it into places that you don’t want it to get… like down the back of your neck where it melts and dribbles down your back… can you say I’M AWAKE NOW!!! We went into the little patrol hut where they require you to sign up if you want to ride the main gully. The patroller was going to try to squeeze us in between groups, which they only allow in 15mn intervals and groups of 2, but the guys opted for some other lines whose names I cant remember. It was irrelevant in the end, we only got 2 more runs in before the storm turned electrical and we had to get down off the mountain ASAP. Let me tell you… I have been up on a ridge with thunder and lightning in Romania… you don’t want to be there… its not a cozy feeling that’s for sure! We booked it down the long, extremely enjoyable decent to the valley, it started hailing about pea sized ice kernels on us. The very tip of my nose poking out from under my neck warmer was mercilessly exposed. The ice was just bouncing off my nose, off my helmet, off my outerwear! We rode straight-line down to the village where we meet up with some other people and enjoyed some music, hot chocolate and conversation with lots of others when the weather went back to beautiful. They held the award ceremony for the Juniors competition before packing up and turning the music off. That was our signal that it was time  for the next hot tub session. Although it turned out to be a short day with really only 2 runs in the end, it was just heaps of fun and I got to know yet more kindred spirits out there. Time well spent in my book. These are the days we live for!


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