Wild Wild West Adventure: part 3 – Ups and downs

April 3rd 7:20 – Finally got some better sleep last night… even though I woke up over and over every few hours. Seems like the guys were jetlagged too; whenever I would wake up and look over, they were usually on the computer or whatever. The face inspection and 2* competition will be cool to see. Its a way to learn about the snow conditions and dimensions of everything. At the moment it all just looks BIG and STEEP. Everything feels pretty stiff and sore regardless of the hot tub session yesterday, darned soft bed…
Crappy news started my morning off: my cousin isn’t coming over. It would have been so nice to see him as its been pretty long since seeing him last… 10 years or so? What can you do. So, time to get moving and into the new boots… oh how anxious am I, to see what its like in new boots (even when they aren’t very stiff!).
19:30 – the boots feel like cement compared to my old ones… what a difference!!  We went to the contest while there was still some sun since the report was forecasting that it might cloud back over. I ran into Brian Bozak and did NOT recognize him… anyone who knows Brian will know what I mean here… HE SHAVED!! No more Jesus beard!! I have never seen his chin before! We watched some runs and checked lines some more before heading out to ride a while. We took the chairlift and low and behold, there was Jeremiah (the friend of a friend) on the chairlift with us! Coincidence made trying to meet up so much easier! You might think, ok, the odds of that happening are not too bad but you have to keep in mind that Big Sky is acclaimed as the largest ski area of US so I wouldn’t think it was likely! He had a starting spot in the 2* event so we wished him luck as he headed off to warm up for his run. The Austrians wanted to film while there was sunlight so I went to change to the skate banana. The trusty old banana. I headed back to the area they were shooting and followed a track around through the trees. About the 2nd turn into the woods, I hit some of that famous volcanic rock and gauged my freshly waxed banana… the curly tails of base which were sticking out of my board made for a funny dragging feeling riding back to the chair. I found the guys and we opted for food.
We returned to Whiskey Jacks where I got a message that Jeremiah tore his ACL on exactly that warm up run he was taking when we parted from the chairlift… poor guy! After dinner we went to the riders meeting. It was interesting to see how comps are organized compared to the ones in Europe. It was, needless to say, super easy and pretty short. The Welcome Party had hot wings, nachos and beer for free but only a handful of riders were there. We had our fun ended up the last ones to leave at midnight which wasn’t too bad. I am 10th on the snowboard starting list after 17 skiers, I figured I could sleep late and get up nice and relaxed.
Contest Quali Day April 4 9:00am –  In fact, I actually got like 6 hours of sleep in a row without waking up which felt NICE! I rolled, reluctantly nevertheless, out of bed and got my gear on. I did a tiny bit of stretching after breakfast and will go hit the mountain. The contest jitters haven’t really started other than I notice that my hands feel a little sweaty but those will come as soon as I get outside…


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