Wild Wild West Adventure: part 1 – The Arrival

First things first: Happy 5th Birthday Alex!!
April Fools Day 14:30pm – Around Christmas time before the season began, I was sitting together with my Mom and Grandmother, having some egg nog. Crazy ideas can be born easily with these women and egg nog! The plan was to get a starting spot at one of the USA freeride contests, we would try to arrange a little family gathering for it. Big Sky was the only stop on the US series which didn’t coincide with the European contest PLUS my cousin lives in Montana now and its been too long since Ive seen him last. Montana it was then. With less than a month between getting confirmation and the actual event, I had to get moving on the travel arrangements ASAP! About 2 weeks before my flight, I found out an Austrian rider was going, it would be great to travel together and cut costs..
Boards are waxed (for a change!), bags are packed and I’m ready to rock and roll! Or maybe not rock and roll… that already happened in St. Luc…
So here I am sitting on the plane on the first leg of the trip overseas, back to my homeland. I’m pretty relieved to be on this plane because even though I left with plenty of time to spare this morning, my navi thought to play an April Fools joke on me and send me on a wild goose chase towards the airport. I like to park my car outside of Munich and take the S-Bahn (metro) into the airport to avoid the insane parking fees they charge. There is a thick layer of Sahara sand in the atmosphere over Europe at the moment, blocking the sun in a kind of reddish-yellow haze. I wonder why it is that the Sahara sand doesn’t cause problems for the turbines… Next stop Amsterdam to connect to Minneapolis Minnesota where we get the final leg to Bozeman Montana where we should be arriving at like 11pm or something… now that I think about it, I wonder if Kofi checked the bus schedule against our arrival schedule… hmm. Time will tell!
3am EU time / 8pm Minnesota time – just arrived safe and sound back on American soil after what felt like the worlds shortest… uh… 9 hour flight? 10 ?? no clue… haven’t bothered to look. The flight was a blast… FINALLY got to see the end of The Bourne Legacy… it took 3 flights and like a year but was worth it. I emptied the bar cart pretty much, maybe that’s why it went so fast? We figure that several Junior riders were on the flight with us. A British kid Jake said he got totally hooked up by a lady in first class who fed him and took care of him haha, lucky little stinker! So we’re just killing some time here in Minneapolis before the final leg over to Bozeman Montana where the real adventure will start! Stay tuned and I’ll try to get some real time updates going for a change! Yeeeewwwww Montana here we come!


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