Happy New Year: Preview 2014

So what’s new in 2014 for me? Well for starters I will be laid off of my job by mid-February which may sound like a low blow, but in my situation I can’t think of a better blessing in disguise. I’ve been dreaming about a chance to just board and surf and vagabond around for a while and this is, like the universe giving me a written invitation on a silver platter to finally do so…

I also finally picked up a new board (well actually 2…). I have also been eyeballing the T.Rice from LibTech for a few seasons, pretty much the perfect all mountain board for me… stiff enough to handle hardpack easily, rocker playfulness and LibTech base resilience against rocks… what more could a girl want?! Oh yeah… the splitboard too 😉 Stoked!

The Open Faces contest series is headed in its 2nd season in 2014: I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again and enjoying the show. I somehow managed to snag the overall win last year, you know… hamstering points wherever I could…  paid off I guess! Either way, the starting field so far in 2014 offers a lot of talented riders. I think it will be a while new ballgame!

That’s pretty much all there is for the moment: the snow is wretched here, so I’m just busy off doing a snow dance before I go crazy. Please do the same. We need it!

More to come during the season 🙂 Stay tuned!


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