Saalfelden – Hiking the Heidensperre

Living in the mountains has its advantages. Especially when you feel like detoxing by hiking up a mountain side far, far away from the everyday drag of work. My buddy Ronny and I chose a pretty short, but cool route up the Saalfeldener side of the Steinerne Meer mountain towards the Heidensperre which is a huge avalanche protective dam. The day had been rainy but that didn’t deter us from our tour. The rain tapered off towards the end of the work day, revealing an impressive and expressive sky. We hiked up towards the dam and found a huge area of trees which had fallen. It had looked like there was a lot of clear cutting from below, but as we got closer it was clear to see that mother nature had had her hand in the game here. A massive avalanche had taken the whole area down at some point. We had to climb over and around all of the fallen trees to get back onto our route which crossed to the left through the maze of fallen trees. Continuing up the mountain side we traversed along some rock faces on narrow paths until we reached a small hut. There seems to be a little tradition that I had not known about here in Pinzgau. The hut keepers are not on the mountain the whole week at this time of year, so they set a case of beer, juice and water out for passers by with a little piggy bank honor system. We took advantage of the tradition as we only had a short descent back down the trail. So we set back, relaxed and sipped down a few cold ones enjoying the sights and watching the crazy sky and clouds. A great way to end a work day!


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