Austria – Late Season Hike up my backyard

Friday after work my neighbor and I set of
totally motivated to have an evening hike. Tank top, snowboard pants, sunglasses, snowshoes and my board on my backpack and we started our hike up the mountain to try to counter the monotony of a desk job. The tobogganing hill was already shut down for the season and the trail was pretty much ruined by the tractors removing the safety nets from the trail. We didn’t let that stop us from our determination to try to find some of the fluffy new snow that had fallen the day before. Much to our dismay we had to give up hope of freshy fluffy powder by the time we got to the hut at the top as the suns radiation had crusted over the snow, creating a sheet of ice about 4 inches thick. We took a few pictures of the beautiful sunset from the top before fighting our way done the crusty snow. It was too thick to actually get some nice turns in and not thick enough to carry our weight for a nice ride down. At the very least it helped us burn enough calories to justify the awesome cheesy Austrian specialty “Käspreßknödl” (cheesy dumpling) and the hearty “Tiroler Gröschtl” (panfry of potatos, bacon, onions, a variety of meat and an egg over easy on the top)… mmmh yummy!!


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