First time surfing (for real)! A weekend in Basque Country

My company wanted to send me to Spain for a supplier audit… that sounded really cool, I had never been to Spain! With a little research I found a flight for half the price if I was to return after the weekend rather than Friday… 😀 Opportunity! This is how work-life balance is maintained. I had 2 days to spend in Santander which turned out pretty epic! There were street festivals with amazing dance/hiphop/balancing acts and lots of people out and about. I even managed to meet a guy who works for my ex back in Austria… what a small world!!
Somo beach: cool beginners area where I went surfing in a small group lead by instructor Nacho… “Monster waves”! They really felt bigger than they looked here 🙂 So here’s the deal with surfing… you suffer… I mean suffer… its cold, you are getting bitch-slapped by the ocean NON-STOP, you ingest copious amounts of saltwater and basically fear for your life constantly… but then you manage to get up onto the board for a nanosecond… and its all worth it… I’m hooked!


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  1. MZ says:

    ha ha ja ja 🙂


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