Climbing the “Angel Piller” Imst Austria

Back to some alpine climbing! I met up with Hanspeter to attack the Englpfeiler in Imst. We took the gondola to the 2nd station to save some time before hiking the rest of the way. After passing by a hut we had to hunt for the trail which was hidden by a rock slide for lack of a better description. We lost a little time looking for the route but set off climbing without delay once we spotted it. After reaching the 2nd belay stand we noticed that the flawless blue sky was becoming blemished with clouds. We still had 3 pitches to climb above us. Our options were to climb the last 3 fast (we had the crux behind us) or try to rig impromptu anchors to rappel in less optimal conditions. We opted to push on for the summit and standard abseil route. We did manage the final 3 pitches fast and found ourselves soon on the summit… with a light mist beginning and pitch black clouds rolling in towards us… standing next to a metallic summit cross reaching into the sky! And were outta here! Naturally we had to untangle the twin-rope salad which ate up a chunky portion of time getting ready to rappel. We were very happy to have the 60m length with us so we could leap frog every other anchor. That would save lots of time getting us down. We repacked the ropes and ran to get our other things before down hiking as fast as we could. We literally tried to outrun the clouds to get back to the lift and off the mountain. The whole adventure was really strenuous basically rushing the climb and descent. We really enjoyed the relaxation at the Restaurant and definitely earned some dessert! Cool impromptu day, cool climbing partner!


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