Update – the rest of the season

Hey Everyone!
my page has mutated into something of a ghost-town huh? I know I know… I have really been pretty lazy neglecting updates. After the accident back in December, I didnt really have all that much to write about! I was cleared for sports on Feb. 29th and have spent every waking moment on my board. At least until the season ended! I had lots of lost time to make up for!!
The snow gods withheld the snow and thus real freeriding towards the end of the season. We had a few short sessions with good snow here and there. We didnt really bother to take pictures or document anything, it wasnt really worth it. One guy did get a picture of a Michi and me in a gully at Kitzsteinhorn. I cant figure out how he was holding the camera because it wasnt that steep. I will post the photo here for you to figure out. The other pic is a self-portrait with my buddy Michi.
I am hoping to get a few photos from my adventures last weekend on a yacht in a regatta which will provide for some more interesting material than “I chilled on the couch enjoying my new TV last night” if you know what I mean! 😉


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