Unwanted Sports “Break”

I guess it figures that something like this would happen after I bought my first season pass to the entire Salzburger ski area for 500 Euro… was boarding with some friends down a forest path and had to veer to the outside of a curve to avoid a guy skinning up the mountain on skis… in doing so, I hit a wooden log or beam and couldn’t stop on it… sent me flying over the approx. 15 meter rock cliff (my first 50-50 boardslide yeeeww!). I had to be picked up by mountain rescue. At the hospital where they told me I broke my back in 2 places (L1/T11). Soooo… that means laying flat and having nothing to do all day basically. Hopefully I will be back in action by February or March to save some of the season. It is the first time in my life I am thankful that it isn’t snowing lots of fantastic powder. It turns out I was actually the official first mountain rescue of the season… Im that kind of special 😛

You should have seen the faces of the rescue guys when I was joking around with them saying “I guess a girl has to take drastic measures to get the attention of so many men!” when they were packing me into the sled… I thought it was funny…


Afternote: I attached a pic of the corner where it happened taken with my Dad in the summer when we hiked in to see the spot. Cool story: he found a 10€ bill on the hike 🙂


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  1. Anonym says:

    <>Scheinbar muss eine Frau auf extremen Massnahmen zurückgreifen um so viele Aufmerksamkeit von den Männern zu bekommen<>Erfahrungsgemäss hast Du das eigentlich nicht nötig! 😉LG,Bernie


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