14.9.-1.10. USA New England and Florida

Knowing that I wouldn’t be spending Xmas with the family this year, I arranged a surprise visit at the end of September. It was short but sweet! It was action packed and we made a bunch of great memories. We started off near Boston to visit my Dad, niece and nephew. My nephew is a little man already and my niece is the sweetest, funniest most beautiful little girl in the world (no bias here 😀 )  I took them to Canobie Lake, an amusement park which hosted many of my own childhood adventures.We even managed to meet up for dinner with my best friend from high school, Emily.
Following the short stay in Boston, we flew to Florida where my Mom was visiting relatives. I wanted to make it a surprise and the plan unfolded perfectly. My beloved grandparents were also visiting and several aunts and cousins as well. It was almost a family reunion of sorts. We did some shopping and went to the beach a few times. Day 1 was just swimming a bit, we had 2 days body boarding and wanted to try real surfing too. Neither of us had ever tried it but we drove along the coast looking for an area with board rentals. We ended up in New Smyrna Beach and headed out into the (thankfully) very small surf with no clue. It was more swimming than actual surfing… well that and the “saline flushing” wellness treatment provided for free by the ocean. It was fun either way but I still feel like snowboarding is better. When we got back to my cousins house after “surfing,” he asked us where we went… he raised his eyebrows surprised when we said New Smyrna answering “respect, one of the top 10 shark attack beaches in the world…” WHAT?! Wait… what?!?! Now we feel a little extra gnarly 😉
My cousin arranged an entire house for us to stay in… it had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a garage for 2 cars! There was a hi-def monster TV and a fridge that spit out ice cubes! What a luxurious place to crash!
I got the chance to see the babies in Boston again for a few days after Florida. We visited Maine and some outlet shops where I found a wakeboard. Never tried that before, now I have a reason!


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