Skiing Indoors in Belgium?!

That’s right, a ski-hall… wait, what is that?! Think: a giant construction container up on stilts. I was part of an Austrian group of Pinzgau ski schools and tourist agencies travelling to Belgium’s ski hall in Peer to promote tourism. The pictures of the hotel are courtesy of the hotel’s website (thanks again guys)!
We arrived in Belgium about 7 or 8 am and had breakfast for about an hour before heading over to the skihall.  There were 2 halls more or less, a larger longer one for the skiers and a smaller one with a park. It was of course all man made snow and underneath very icy and hard. After a few laps on the normal trail, we went into the funpark to jump and slide around. We rode for a long time on Friday, We rode nearly the whole day through Friday before returning to the hotel. We checked in, took a shower and were fast asleep before you could say good night. On the 3rd run in the funpark, Andy hit ice on the landing of a rail and hurt his shoulder. We ended up chilling out in the kids play room watching movies and playing xbox. We joined the others for a leisurely lunch in the restaurant and chatted for a while. The group wanted to go out to dinner together, but Andy and I stayed behind in the hotel for a “wellness” evening in the sauna and went to bed early. The last day, we checked out before breakfast and headed back to the skihall. Between runs on the board, we played more xbox until it was time to leave. We packed bus back up and and left Belgium around 4:30pm. It was an interesting experience to say the least! It does really make you appreciate what you have, when you live in the mountains. I felt lucky to be living in Augsburg, only 2 hours from the mountains!


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