2006 Park Opening! Hintertuxer Glacier

This weekend turned out mega cool! I was in Zillertal (aka Chillertal) for boarding. Everything going wrong at the last minute often makes for the most spontaneous and exciting weekends! Originally planning to spend the weekend with Steffie and Maier… I had to rethink it when they wrote Friday that they would only do a day trip on Sunday. I decided to just drive to Hintertux myself and go boarding alone. I found a good deal on a B&B where I was the only guest. I was talking to a friend about my plans to go alone and he suggested meeting up with his friends from paragliding. That sounded good to me. I drove to Finkenberg in Zillertal and got settled into my room. The lady of the house was really friendly and gave me a double room with a toilet and shower rather than the single room in the basement… at no extra charge to my 16€ a night price! I made plans to meet my buddy’s friends after arriving. Tobi brought me to a village festival where we met up with Stephan. When the music ended there, we went to a local bar, decorated in the rustic alpine wooden-everything style . Some played kicker and I joined a round of darts between talking and joking with everyone… Stephan dropped me back off at my B&B around 4:30am. I got about 2,5 hours of sleep before breakfast going boarding. I was pretty groggy but excited to go boarding. It was really foggy on the mountain top… as well as extremely windy and snowing. I stayed on  the same trail over and over again near the edge, where I could see the trail markers. It was really strenuous to not be able to see… your knees are basically shock absorbers and you anticipate anything! A snowboarder in a pink hat, who kept smiling at me, almost crashed into me after getting of the lift and hitting some ice. I could only see his chin and some hair sticking out from under his hat but the smile was very charismatic. I thought he would say hello at some point, but he didn’t. Near closing time I met an older woman, Jutta, full of energy and in a good mood… she decided to go boarding spontaneously too and was also alone.We got to talking on the lift and decided to go to après-ski together. It was fun hanging out and I invited her to join the group for the film premiere. We stopped by the Tenne for a drink but ended up eating at MacTux. After getting ready for the premiere, we all met up. The night air was cold and crisp. It was a full moon and the fog had nearly entirely disappeared revealing an extraordinary starry sky. The party was in full swing when we arrived. It was a huge bus garage with beer kiosks, a DJ and giant screen for the movies… Jutta was getting ready to leave after the first movie to be up the mountain early for a lesson. We were outside talking… all of a sudden I saw the pink hat boy! When I pointed him out to Jutta, she shoved me back into the hall and nearly into him. I didn’t think he would recognize me without my helmet and goggles. I kind of tugged on the back of his hat and said something brilliant like “hey, you left pretty quickly today!” He turned around slightly startled and looked at me, then he said “Oh, its you.” It actually sounded a bit disappointed. But we talked a little: he wasn’t going boarding Sunday, but was thinking about going to the next opening, next weekend in Kaunertal where I was also planning to go. We swapped numbers and he said that he had to go find his friends. After the party, Steph and I went for a coffee and watched a few videos of Tobi and him flying (paragliding). They are really wild and do stunts and comps flying. It was late again and I was very tired, so I left and went to bed. The next morning was beautiful! Blue sky, no hints of fog or clouds… AND it had snowed somewhat during the night! I rushed off towards the mountain. I met up with Maier on the slopes and we boarded together for about 2 or 3 hours. He left for home after that so I was on my own again. I boarded the whole day and finally just before lift closing returned to the Midstation. Jutta was there with some other girls and called to me from the balcony, where we hung out until the last lift. Jutta and the other girls left directly for home, I returned to the B&B to shower and check out. I had arranged to meet up with Stef, but he wrote again saying he had some stuff to do that he couldn’t put off. I figured I would just drive home but a second later I got an SMS from Andy. He asked if  I was still around saying that he would really like to see me before I left. That came as a huge surprise but I was hungry and wanted to avoid the majority of traffic back to Germany. We agreed to meet up in Gerlos, the middle of where we both were. We met at a little old-fashioned traditional restaurant with open fire place and started talking. We ended up talking about everything possible.. as they say in German “we talked about God and the world” It was cool hanging out and I didnt leave until 1am. So that was my weekend… turned out great and I got to meet a bunch of cool people. Here’s another German expression: “unerhofft kommt oft” (unhoped for things come often) 😉


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