Slacking Around Moeserer Lake

The last weekend of July was a hit! I was in Scharnitz visiting Klaus, Mathias and Silke. Friday, we took a walk along the boarder of Austria and Germany, looking for rock climbing walls, went to dinner at the Old Mill then stopped by the village bar and had a drink there before going home. Saturday it was rainy, we brought breakfast to Mathias and Silke’s llama farm. We went kayaking on the Isar river testing an inflatable kayak for 2… We shot all but 2 weirs (the 2 were man ones) before deciding to put in further up river towards the origin, where it was a little more challenging. Mathias drove us into the Karwendel National Park (lucky for us, he has the license!). It was definitely more exciting than the first test run. We “parked” the boat and wandered up a side arm of the river. The water was freezing cold but we had wetsuits on (booties would have been a hit). It was mini-canyoning crawling around the rocks. We returned to the kayak and continued downstream to an exit point, behind his new office. It was great fun! We went back to Silke and Mathias’s to have a hot shower and a BBQ in a little shack behind their house near the llamas… I imagine Peru like this! On Sunday the weather was fantastic again. I helped Mathias spread  hay to dry (old farmer style with 3 pronged pitchforks). After that, we left for Seefeld with Irena and Flo (Mathias’s younger brother) to go slacklining across a lake with a friend of mine. Flo (my friend), had a brand new mega-pully system for long lines we were eager to try. We hung my line up across the lake, about 45m long. Needless to say, the thing was brutally hard to balance on!! It was almost twice the distance I have ever managed! We got a real butt kicking from the slackline. After dinner that evening at the Old Mill again, we set up a shorter slackline which attracted lots of people from the village (I guess you could say the village people ;-). I had Monday off so drove to Innsbruck. I read through the job listings in the newspaper at a cafe but didn’t see anything interesting. I tried the library for a Salzburger newspaper with the job listings but ended up reading the first 75 pages of the Da Vinci code, before I had to return to Scharnitz… I liked how it was written and had a hard time putting it down. Klaus wanted to paddle the Rissbach river in a few of the key spots for Mathias and Silke to take pictures for an internet page but we had to change plans when a severe thunderstorm rolled in, even hailing on us. Even though the weather was tricky, we still fit a bunch of different activities in, including new adventures! Good times 🙂


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