FreQuency Sessions

This weekend was unreal! Thursday night I got a call from Sven (hereafter named “my hero”) saying that he got me a free ticket for the FreQuency Festival in Salzburg on Friday. Steffie was already there with some friends of hers. I left for Salzburg on Friday right after work at 1:30pm. I met up with Steffie right away arriving at the festival. We went to the gas station to stock up on beer then brought my things to the tent. There were about 30 thousand people there and I am guessing between 7 and 9 thousand tents set up! (no joke-see tent picture and keep in mind that it was only a section of the tent area!!) We chugged a few of the beers at the guarded entrance to the stage areas when an adorable little 17 year old boy asked us for beer. He was so drunk he was teetering back and forth. He had long tousled black hair and pink cheeks so I named him Peaches. We passed through the security check into the stage area. It was a long walk to get from one place to the other! We went to the smaller stage (they had 2 set up) and found the others. About 10mn after arriving, I saw my ex and one of his buddies standing like, 2 people away from me… it was a big love from last summer… so I fled to the beer stand before he looked over. Seriously though, how on earth is it possible for me to bump into the only person I wouldn’t want to see at a festival with 30.000 people?! So we had more drinks… After a Fettes Brot concert, we went to the main stage and saw the end of Mando Diao, then Prodigy and finally Franz Ferdinand. The Prodigy concert was super charged. A huge moshpit started at the first strum of the guitar. I got bounced around away from the group and couldn’t find them any more. It was a really wild… I crowd-surfed twice ending up far from where I had started. I met some guys from Regensburg who seemed to adopt me, they were almost protective. I looked around for Stef and the others but had no chance. I looked in the after-hours party area, also to no avail. At some point, I gave up and went back to the tent. Everyone was there, they had just returned themselves and were going to go to sleep. It was around 3:30 or so in the morning already and we wanted to go snowboarding on a glacier the next day. The problem with sleeping was that the other 29,998 people were still up and going strong… there was music coming from every direction, laughing, singing, talking, falling (drunk people make funny noises when they trip over tents and tent lines at night 😉 ) It was also pretty bright out, thanks to the big floodlights around the camping ground. It was a shame to bail and try to sleep but we really wanted to go snowboarding …
Sleeping didn’t work out very well, to say the least… We crawled out of bed at 6:45 and got our stuff packed up to head out. Surprisingly, there were quite a few people up packing and looking rather well rested…we asked a few of them what on earth they were doing up so early and they mostly had good excuses, like a soccer match or one girl had to go to her sisters wedding! While I was brushing my teeth next to the tent, I looked over towards the cars and couldn’t believe my eyes… My ex and his buddies like 4 tents away. Aw come on!!!!! All I could do was shake my head, trying to figure out what the odds were of not only standing right next to him during the concert, but having pitched the tent right next to his in the mass of just under 10.000 tents (ok, it was up by the time I arrived…) I estimate better odds of getting struck by lightning. We fled, yet again, before he could see us, hiked back to the car and loaded it up. We hit the road making it to Kaprun to the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier by 9:30. After about 4 Red Bull and 2 iced coffees (each!) we were feeling pretty good and the excitement of going boarding again finally took care of the rest! We unloaded all of our gear with huge grins on our faces… pulling out snow pants and ski goggles in like 28°C weather in tank tops and shorts is a really cool sensation ! We cracked open some beers on the lift up for “breakfast” like real tourists. We got up to the glacier around 11am (the lift takes ages) and at the top it was still really hot…maybe around 15° or so! There were only 2 t-bar lifts open with 2 very short trails to ride on. We were disappointed at that but happy to be on the boards at all. The snow was very slushy and warm which made us slow…I could have probably run down the hill faster! We started practicing some tricks like jumping and spinning around and so… I tried riding switch but it seems I’m a very directional kind of girl.  We met some Dutch boarders who teach there in the winter and hung out with them a little. In total we were maybe 18 people on the mountain. After the day of boarding, we went back to the parking lot and stripped back down (was now 30° there!). The Dutch guys parked their car near ours and we hung out listening to music, eating some sandwiches, drinking more beer and relaxing. After a while we packed the car back up and the guys took off for home. Stef and I wanted to go boarding again, more than ever, but definitely not here. We decided to drive to the next glacier, Hintertux in Zillertal in Tyrol. It was about a 2 hour drive in total along back roads. We drove through Krimml which is a village in the mountains where a friend of mine lives. At the gas station there we stopped to ask about a shortcut I couldn’t remember exactly. A bunch of locals hanging out there wanted Stef and me to join them. We just wanted to get to Hintertux but they were persistent. We made a deal to hang out for a half hour if one of them called my friend, Armin. Armin came down to the station which was cool. We continued on to Hintertux… arriving around 9:30pm. We were so desperate for a shower that we got a room rather than camping or sleeping in the car. Stef jumped in the shower and I fell asleep immediately … I woke up at 12:30 cuz the TV was loud and the lights were still on… Stef was sound asleep so I jumped in the shower. I felt so refreshed that I went to check out the town. Without really anything to see, I went to bed 30mn later.
The alarm clock rang at 7:30am and we got up and packed in a jiffy. The lift took a while but was faster than the one on Kitz… When we got up to the summit, it was foggy but there was snow everywhere. We saw a bunch of different lifts running and were ecstatic! Steep and long trails, a whole boarder park and bunches of people in trainings camp. It was very international there, I heard German, French, Italian, Finnish, Russian, Czech, Slovakian and English. We got some fast runs in and noticed we were sore from boarding the day before! All of those muscles that haven’t been used since the end of April! It took us a little while to warm up before trying out the park. There were a bunch of big jumps there and lots of really talented boarders doing flips and 360°s… one kid was jumping 900°s with skis on which just looked so stylish. After a few baby jumps I wanted to try out the big one. The first few times I jumped it, I was awfully slow because it scared me a lot… but then I saw that even washing out onto my butt didn’t really hurt much so I got a little gutsier and wanted to clear the knuckle… Stef though I was crazy and kept yelling at me for being too gutsy after only boarding 4 months in total… but I managed the jump 2 times cleanly clearing the knuckle once and sticking the landing. It felt so good! We went to the restaurant for some lunch but what we didn’t know was that was our last run. They closed the lift about 10mn later. After lunch we looked in the sports shop. I checked out the back protectors…they had some vest-type ones there for only 150€ so I finally bought one… It was about 4pm and started snow when we got into the gondola to go back down to the valley. The mountain top was shrouded in a huge cloud of fog and snow. About a minute after getting on the gondola (somewhere around 3000m up) there was a big bolt of lightning and loud thunderous shock and we suddenly came to a stop. The gondola was swunging back and forth due to the sudden stop. We waited but nothing happened, we suspected that the bolt struck some energy source in the valley and that we might be stuck here for a while. Stef is slightly afraid of heights… so we cracked open our last beers and celebrated it. After bumping into an ex I couldn’t get out of my head TWICE at a festival with over 30.000 people, have been staying only 4 tents away… AND getting struck by lightning… SERIOUSLY!
At some point, the lift started up again and we arrived at the middle station. We found out that the lightning had struck directly into the lift itself and short circuited everything.  We had one more gondola to get down to the valley. We saw a guy getting into a gondola ahead of us and made a run for it, figuring it would be more interesting to get stuck in a lift with him than alone… just in case. We weren’t struck by any more bolts and had to run for the car through heavy rain. It was a really wild weekend and we had so much fun. There were so many different impressions and we met a bunch of cool people… all in all, I still cant friggn believe it really happened!


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